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Based at the North American Division (NAD) H.Q. building in Columbia, Maryland, the Society of Adventist Communicators (SAC) is an organization for the professional development, continuing education, recognition, networking, and nurturing of Seventh-day Adventist Christians with careers in communication. The organization's mission is to nurture the professional growth of communicators in a spiritual and social environment. SAC's vision is to expand and strengthen the SAC global network by developing leaders who pursue excellence in communication.


SAC Annual Convention

The Society of Adventist Communicators holds an annual convention each year, usually in the month of October. Location of the venue is rotated among the different regions of North America.

SAC 2024 Convention
The event is scheduled to be held Oct. 17 - 19 at the Hilton Chicago, Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
For information on the event, Click Here.

SAC 2023 Convention
The communicators gathering was held Oct. 19 - 21 at the Sheraton Hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.
For a report on the event, Click Here.

SAC 2022 "In Person" Convention

The event was held October 13th - 15th, 2022 at the North American Division H.Q building in Columbia, MD, USA.
For the NAD News report on the event, Click Here.

SAC 2021 Virtual Conference
The online event was held Sunday Oct. 17th  thru  Tuesday Oct. 19th 2021, and webcast from the NAD H.Q. building in Columbia, Maryland, USA. To view a report on the event, Click Here.
SAC 2021 Virtual Conference - Society of Adventist Communicators
Due to continuing uncertainty in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, for the second consecutive year the SAC 2021 Convention was again held as an online Zoom Meetings event hosted from the NAD H.Q. building in Columbia MD, similar to the highly successful 2020 Conference.

SAC Values:
  • Every communication/media profession as a holy calling
  • The gospel commission as a call to action and involvement in our community
  • Excellence and integrity in all communication
  • Diversity of persons, precepts and expression
  • Cooperation and fellowship among all Adventist communicators
  • Freedom to communicate in an open climate
  • Respect and support for fellow communicators, whatever the medium, whomever the employer


SAC History

This professional development organization began in 1988 as the Southern Society of Adventist Communicators (SSAC). After 11 years, a vote was cast in 1999 to invite all Adventist communicators in the United States - thus the Society of Adventist Communicators (SAC) was born. “By expanding the organization to communicators across the nation, it has provided resources which has enabled SAC to grow and also meet the needs of the Adventist communicators who are employed by non-Adventist organizations,” said Olson Perry, former treasurer/secretary of SAC and former communication director of the Southern Union Conference. “This has also raised the level of fellowship and training among our members,” he added. The first national convention was held in 2000 at the Seventh-day Adventist World Headquarters building in Silver Spring, Maryland.

SAC 2019 "In Person" Convention Group Photo.


Past SAC Annual Convention locations and their themes:

  • 2023 - Springfield, Massachusetts - "Purpose. Passion. Partnership". Click Here for Event Report.
  • 2022 - Columbia, Maryland - "Purpose. Passion. Partnership". Click Here for Event Report.
  • 2021 - Virtual Conference hosted from NAD H.Q. in Columbia, MD. Click here for Event Report.
  • 2020 - Virtual Conference hosted from NAD H.Q. in Columbia, MD.  Click here for Event Report.
  • 2019 - Albuquerque, New Mexico - “Purpose. Passion. Partnership”.  Click here for Event Report.
  • 2018 - Columbia, Maryland - “Purpose. Passion. Partnership”
  • 2017 - Portland, Oregon - "Building Bridges"
  • 2016 - Denver, Colorado - "Keep Climbing"
  • 2015 - Washington, D.C. - "Pillars of Communication"
  • 2014 - Jacksonville, Florida - "25 Years of Communicating Excellence"
  • 2013 - Salt Lake City, Utah - "Communicating Christ in the Chaos"
  • 2012 - Albuquerque, New Mexico - "Soaring to New Heights"
  • 2011 - Chicago (Lombard), Illinois - "Integrated Communication: The Hub of Excellence"
  • 2010 - Rochester, New York - "Remembering Our Roots, Growing The Future"
  • 2009 - Newport Beach, California - "Riding the Wave of Communication Excellence"
  • 2008 - Denver, Colorado - "The Communicator's Edge: Taking it to the Peak"
  • 2007 - Nashville, Tennessee - "Communication: The Notes to Perfect Harmony"
  • 2006 - Baltimore, Maryland - "Story: The Heart and Soul of Communication"
  • 2005 - Portland, Oregon - "Give Them Something to Talk About"
  • 2004 - Dallas, Texas
  • 2003 - Orlando, Florida
  • 2002 - Ontario, California - "Communicating Without Limits"
  • 2001 - Chicago, Illinois
  • 2000 - Silver Spring, Maryland

Past Convention locations for the former Southern Society of Adventist Communicators:

  • 1999 - Huntsville, Alabama
  • 1998 - Orlando, Florida
  • 1997 - Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1996 - Jekyll Island, Georgia
  • 1995 - Orlando, Florida
  • 1994 - Fort Mill, South Carolina
  • 1993 - Crandall, Georgia
  • 1992 - Crandall, Georgia
  • 1991 - Hilton Head, South Carolina
  • 1990 - Hilton Head, South Carolina
  • 1989 - High Springs, Florida


SAC Website:https://www.adventistcommunicator.com

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