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The AWA7.org website was initially developed and launched through a partnership between the Church Support Services Department of the Pacific Union Conference, AdventWeb Ministry, and members of the North American Division's eChurch Award team. Continued development and maintenance of the AWA7 website is now carried out by AdventWeb. The mission of the website is to provide practical information on how Adventist webservants/webmasters can produce functional, attractive, and fruitful websites for Christ.

  • Administration -- Ministries and their representatives who currently administer the "AWA7.org" website.
  • Website Contributors -- Adventist webservants who have provided content, technology or administrative services.
  • Our History -- Brief description of how the AWA7.org site was started by members of the NAD eChurch Award team.
  • Contact Us -- Administration contact person e-mail address for the AWA7.org website.

About GAiN -- Global Adventist Internet Network

GAiN is an international network of Adventist technologists, communicators and evangelists who gather for an annual conference event to share information and promote the effective use of the Internet for evangelism and ministry.

About SAC -- Society of Adventist Communicators

The Society of Adventist Communicators (SAC) is a professional organization and network of Adventist communicators with an administrative office at the North American Division (NAD) of Seventh-day Adventists H.Q. in Colombia, Maryland USA. Communicators gather for an annual conference event held in North America.

About Seventh-day Adventists
Some basic information about the Seventh-day Adventist Church denomination and its beliefs.

Useful Web Ministry Links
A list of links to useful websites providing resources for webmasters, communicators, Internet evangelists, and administrators.

Bug Report

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