Color Wheels and Tools

Color Tools

4096 Color Picker is a very easy to use JavaScript for selecting a web-safe color.
This 4096 Color Wheel is a more sophisticated JavaScript for selecting from the 216 web-safe colors or the 4096 web-smart colors. You can compare a series of up to seven colors.
Features a Color Combo tool of four color panels.
Features a large collection of recommended Color Combination trios.
More Crayons -- 16x16x16 color cube tool uses three sliders for selecting from 4096 colors.
BoogieJack's Color Schemer calculates compatible colors. Each time you select a color code, the tool presents a scheme of 16 colors.
Color Match calculates a color scheme of six colors each time you position the three Red, Green, Blue sliders sliders.
Canva Design Colors explores beautiful color combinations and shades for a creative & appealing color match.

Color Charts

A Color Chart of selected useful colors.
VisiBone's Color Chart of 216 browser-safe GIF colors.

Some Commercial Tools You Can Purchase

Color Wheel Pro is a software application designed to help you design your web sites color scheme. A free trial version is available. Color wheel basics information are also available on the site.
Color Impact tool for creating color schemes.
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