Businesses providing website services to clients are listed under seven categories of service type:


Turnkey Website Projects -- Providers who carry out full website projects for clients, including domain name registration, hosting, content development, graphics, web design, search engine optimization and promotion.
Domain Name Registration -- Providers who are sub-registrars and have a dedicated portal for online registration of domain names. Turnkey providers who simply register domains on behalf of clients are not listed in this section.
Website Hosting -- List of providers who operate web servers and offer classic hosting and Content Management System (CMS) hosting to website publishers.
Web Design & Maintenance -- Providers who offer web design and site maintenance services.
Graphics & Graphic Design -- Providers who specialize in graphics and custom graphic design, photography and illustrations (fine art) that can enhance the esthetic appearance and functionality of a website.
Audio-Video & Webcasting -- Providers specializing in audio/video production, encoding and web streaming.
Web Development & Coding -- Specialist programmers who may be needed to achieve enhanced functionality on the more technologically advanced websites.
Search Engine Optimization -- Specialists who increase traffic to websites by elevating search engine rankings and by website promotion.
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