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Administrative Contributors (alphabetical sort)




AWA7.org Project Coordinator & Webmaster

Will BaronWill Baron has coordinated the AWA7.org website project since its founding in 2004, and became the webmaster after a makeover of the site was launched when the website was migrated over to the netAdventist CMS by netAserve. Will is a layperson ASI member and founder of AdventWeb, a publisher of ministry websites such as the Ellen White information website. Employed full-time in sales/marketing in the air conditioning and refrigeration equipment industry, Will Baron believes that the Internet has a tremendous potential for communicating the gospel and God's prophetic message for the last days. He was a member of the NAD eChurch award team which launched the AWA7.org website, and has been a topic writer for BibleInfo.com. As a member of the Norwalk Adventist Church web team, he helped develop the NorwalkSDA.org website, which won the eChurch Award for December 2003.



Pacific Union Conference Representative  
Rich DuBose is the Pacific Union Conference representative for the AWA7.org website project. He is Rich DuBosethe Director of Church Support Services for the Pacific Union Conference (PUC), a regional administrative unit of the North American Division (NAD). After serving in pastoral ministry for 17 years, Rich was called to the PUC office to develop PlusLine, the ministry resource information helpdesk launched by the PUC as a service for the Adventist Church in North America. In 2005 the PlusLine ministry was moved to the NAD and became part of AdventSource, the NAD ministries resource center based in Lincoln, Nebraska. As part of his duties for PUC Church Support Services, in 2003 Rich DuBose helped to launch the NAD eChurch Award program in partnership with TAGnet and the NAD Communication Department. Rich continues to publish websites and develop web content for nurture and outreach applications. One of his flagship websites is AnswersForMe.com.




International Representative
Martin Haase was the international representative for the AWA7.org website project. He was the founder and president of "StaOnline" (SDA Online), the German Adventist Webmasters Association. This organization held an international annual forum meeting each February in Europe for the training of Adventist webmasters.
Martin was formerly the Communication Director for the Euro-Africa Division, serving in that position for the administrative session 2000-2005. He has a passion to see the Internet used in a mighty way for the advancement of God's kingdom.



Content & Technology Contributors (alphabetical sort)




Webpage Content Author
Bill Aumack has authored most of the webpage articles featured on the "Website Basics" and "Web Design" sections of the AWA7.org website. These articles are edited versions of material that was originally published in Bill's "Webmaster Help" e-newsletter distributed to webmasters in the Southern California Conference and beyond.
Employed by a defense industry contractor, Bill is a computer scientist by profession and is the webmaster for his employer's website. He is also the webmaster for Downey Seventh-day Adventist Church, which won the NAD eChurch Award in July 2004.



Original AWA7.org Classic Website Webmaster
Dave Buxton is a layperson webmaster who spent hundreds of hours constructing the original FTP "classic" AWA7.org website that was hosted by TAGnet from 2004 thru to the end of 2010. Dave is employed as a test architect at Tektronix in Beaverton Oregon, and is a developer of over 150 intranet pages of mostly technical content. He was also the webmaster for the Riverside Seventh-day Adventist Church when it won the NAD eChurch Award for February 2003. Dave was subsequently a member of the eChurch Award team for the years 2004 thru 2006.



AWA7.org Logo Design
Gwendolyn was the designer of the logo and nameplate header for the AWA7.org website. A fine artist and graphic designer by profession, Gwendolyn subsequently became a very gifted web designer. She is currently the creative director and owner of TeraMark, a graphic & web design business. She has designed several websites for General Conference administration, including the General Conference Session website and the GC Presidential "Lets Talk" website.



Guest Webpage Content Author

Lesley Haught is a professional writer, web developer, and CEO of webbuildersguide.com. Since the year 2011 Lesley has been working as a web interface developer, which has allowed him to strengthen his experience and skills in website development. Also, he’s fond of photography, marketing, and of course, writing articles. His works have been published in popular online magazines and blogs, including 2CheckOut Blog, 3Dcart Blog, Template Monster Blog, Contrastly, Hackread, Hacked, Wploop, and many others. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lesley-haught/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/haught.lesley



Webpage Content Author

Darryl Hosford is the author of articles on Content Management Systems (CMS). He is the founder and president of Simple Updates Inc., a business which developed the propriety Simple Updates content management system. This CMS is the platform for the "Adventist Church Connect" free websites provided by the NAD to all Adventist churches located in North America. Darryl has a great passion for web evangelism, and accordingly in the late 1990's he founded the Adventist Association for Online Evangelism (AAOE), which provided free web hosting for the annual "net" series of satellite evangelism telecasts and was a member of the NAD eChurch Award team.



Chris is a licensed contractor in the Santa Barbara, California area doing mostly residential construction and renovations. Computers and website creation are a hobby, with the recent responsibility of Internet Ministry Team Leader for the Santa Barbara Seventh-day Adventist Church (www.knowjesusfully.com).

His team produces the live church services for their Internet audience along with archived video and audio services, podcasts, and RSS feeds. Chris has been preparing numerous articles on Getting Started in Internet Broadcasting and has been awarded the West Point Sheaf Award for his leadership with web evangelism.



Janine is an Instructional Technology Consultant at the Berrien County Intermediate School District, an educational service agency, in Berrien Springs, MI. Her main focus is on distance learning via video conferencing and online learning. She also trains teachers in technology integration in the classroom. Janine writes often for the Journal of Adventist Education and is a current board member of the Adventist Virtual Learning Network. Janine also maintains the Pioneer Memorial Church website, the Adventist church on the campus of Andrews University. This is the first eChurch Award winner to use Simple Updates. Read her Simple Updates Story on this site.



Bob is a website designer and code developer operating under the Pickle Publishing business name. He was the original web designer and web author for AdventWeb's innovative outreach site called "The Ellen White Information Website" (EllenWhite.info), and continues to maintain the site. He has designed other websites such as Finger Prints of Creation and The Orion Foundation. Bob is a specialist coder using PHP, and has graciously provided the content for the AWA7.org webpage "PHP 101". He works under contract helping to develop the EGWWritings.org website for the Ellen G. White Estate.



Mario was the creator of Digging4Truth and an Expert Zealot for Zeal.com, especially the Seventh-day Adventist categories of churches, ministries and denominational sites. Mario has a passion for promoting church websites, having taken a special interest in the NAD eChurch awards, featuring each winner on the "Meet The Webmasters" section of his eChurch Award Page. Mario was a member of the NAD eChurch Awards team. Prior to his retirement, his day job is recruiting computer professionals for clients operating primarily in the New York City area.



Tim was the audio technologies expert of the Internet Ministry Team at the Santa Barbara Seventh-day Adventist Church (www.knowjesusfully.com). The team produces the live church services for their Internet audience along with archived video and audio services, podcasts, and RSS feeds. Tim's contribution to the AWA7.org website is the info on MP3 recording.
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