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"netAdventist" is a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) that was originally launched in 2006 by TAGnet, which at the time was a website hosting ministry owned by Hart Research Center, an ASI-member supporting organization based in Fallbrook, California. TAGnet, an abbreviation for "Three Angels Global Networking", is still a technology research division of Hart Research Center, although it no longer offers Web hosting services.

TAGnet's project to develop a distinctly Adventist CMS was initiated in 2005 under the project name "NetOutreach". Version 1.0 of the CMS product was released for general Adventist use in 2006 under the brand name of "netAdventist". The technology for software suite was initially based on the Joomla open-source CMS framework. In October of 2006, Hart Research Center licenced the netAdventist software product to the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for free, so that Adventist entitied world-wide would be able to host websites on the netAdventist platform. The following year, 2007, the process was initiated whereby the General Conference (GC) would fully acquire the netAdventist software product at no cost, with the agreement that the General Conference would be responsible for all future development and implementation of the product. In 2008 the GC established the Office of Global Software and Internet (OGSI), a department tasked with the technical development and implementation of the netAdventist website system.

netAdventist Version 2.0
Version 2.0 of the CMS software product was launched at the end of 2006. The technology was still affiliated with the Joomla CMS framework, but netAdventist 2.0 incorporated a lot of new proprietary features. Existing Version 1.0 websites were automatically upgraded to the new Version 2.0 system, although some post-upgrade manual adjustments needed to be made to each individual website hosted on the netAdventist system.

netAdventist Version 3.0
The GC Office of Global Software and Internet (OSGI) launched the new Version 3.0 software in 2009. This was an entirely new state-of-the-art CMS product based on the "Ruby on Rails" open-source CMS framework. Existing Version 2.0 websites were migrated over to the new 3.0 framework. However because the 3.0 system was based on a different technology platform, there were a considerable amount of design corrections that needed to be made by webmasters after the migration had taken place. In conjunction with the launch of Version 3.0, the OSGI in September 2009 published a users manual for netAdventist webmasters, who are called "site administrators" in netAdventist jargon. This manual can be downloaded from a link on the "netAdventist manual" webpage located in the Documentation section of the netAdventist.org website. 

Hosting Videos on a netAdventist website
Videos can be hosted on a netAdventist website and are played via the built-in "FlowPlayer" video player, which is a proprietary Flash player. There is an upload file size restriction of 250 MB. However netAdventist does not have any restriction on the total amount of data stored on a website. Longer videos can be stored on the site by means of uploading in chunks, each uploaded chunk being no larger that a 250 MB file size.

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