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Internet Evangelism Day

An Evangelical Christian web evangelism focus day.

Internet Evangelism Day (IE Day) is held in mid-May each year with the purpose of "stimulating and accelerating Web evangelism within the worldwide Body of Christ". It is a day to communicate to the Church the tremendous potential of the Web for effective evangelism. The event is coordinated by Tony Whittaker, publisher of the Web-Evangelism.com resource guide website and the Web Evangelism Bulletin, a monthly e-newsletter distributed free of charge to thousands of Christian web evangelists and webmasters/webservants throughout the world. Internet Evangelism Day is intended to be an educational event, a "Web evangelism awareness day", rather than a day for emphasis on fund-raising. IE Day coordinator Tony Whittaker hopes for a range of outcomes, but high on his list is for churches to be motivated to create effective websites which can reach out into the community, rather than just be an online notice board for members. "It's an exciting challenge," says Tony, "for the potential of the Web is enormous."

"The Internet's rapid growth, broad international reach and economical cost, offers individuals, churches and ministries an unpresedented opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide."  Dr. Sterling Huston, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Chair of IEC Executive Committee


A focus day for churches, Bible colleges and other groups, because ...

  • over 2 billion people use the Web 
  • the Internet is changing the world 
  • God is using the Web to transform lives 
  • "We'd love to use the Web for outreach, but we don't know how"

Internet Evangelism Day is here to tell you about what God is doing on the web 

  • outreach strategies that work online 
  • how you, your church or Christian group can use the Web for outreach 
  • planning an Internet Evangelism focus day for your church, Bible college or Christian group


Please visit the event's resource website: InternetEvangelismDay.com


History of IE Day

IE Day was originally launched in 2007 by the Internet Evangelism Coalition (IEC), an umbrella group of evangelical Christian ministries and individuals dedicated to developing and promoting Internet evangelism strategies. IEC's administration was based at the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College, Illinois USA. The first IE Day was held on Sunday April 29th 2007. However as stated on IE Day's webpage Planning Activities for your Church or Group, "if this date does not suit your schedule, you can choose an alternate date at any time that is convenient". Thus 7th Day Sabbatarian churches (Adventists, 7th Day Baptists, 7th Day Church of God, Messianic Jewish etc.) are encouraged to hold their Internet Evangelism Day events the day before the formal date. After the launch of the first IE Day back in 2007, subsequent IE Days have been scheduled for mid-May as part of the month of May being designated as "Digital Outreach Month".